20 Fun things to do in a movie theater.

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Note* You may need to bring a trustworthy friend to do a couple of these.

1. Go to order a large popcorn(like the biggest one they have). When they give it to you, look at it, then throw it on the floor angrily and start crying for no reason.

2. Wait until there's a funny part in the movie. When the laughter starts to die down, scream at the top of your lungs.

3. Before the movie starts, sit near the front. Start moaning loudly and dancing wildly.

4. At the end of the movie, when the credits are rolling, stand up quickly and try to convince everyone that there's a secret scene before the credits end. While everyone stays to watch the "Secret Scene"(which does not exist) stand up and leave without anyone noticing.

5. Pretend to cough wildly and die when the trailers are playing.

6. If the theater is packed and a stranger sits next to you, go "Oh my god, is... is that you?" From here you can take many approaches. One is,"I haven't seen you in ages! Give your buddy a hug!" Another is,"You lying bastard! What the hell were you thinking?" Angrily move to another seat if you choose the latter.

7. Try to see how many pieces of popcorn you can put in the hair of the person in front of you without them noticing.

8. Come inside the theater in the middile of a movie. Walk along the front where evertone can see you. Trip and fall, then quietely slip out of the theater.

9. During the movie, keep turning around to look at the person behind you in an annoyed manner.

10. Get a group of friends to walk into a theater as a crowd of zombies. Limp and moan your way to your seats.

11. Go to the front where you buy the tickets. Order tickets for 3 different movies that all start at the same time. When the ticket seller asks you about this, walk out and don't come back.

12. Wear a really tall hat and sit in front of someone. When they ask you to take it off, take out a pair of scissors and start destroying the hat.

13. Wear and eyepatch and buy some popcorn. When your in the theater, ask everyone around you in a sinister voice(and a British accent) "Would you... would like some of my...my popcorn Sir or Madame?" Say the Sir or Madame part to everyone, even if you know if it's a man or woman.

14. Shout one word: FIRE!!! Then run.

15. Sit in the back and bring a water bottle. In the middle of the movie, say very loudly, "Damn, when is this movie gonna end? Gotta pee. Gotta pee!" Open the water bottle slightly and spray the people near you.

16. Wait until someone sits next to you. Wait a while, then pretend to fall asleep. Snore in an annoying way and drool as much as you can.

17. Get a cell phone and put the volume all the way up. Get the ringtone from the series 24 if possible. If you can't get that ringtone, get one that sounds very proffesional and serious. Have a friend call you during a quiet scene. Answer it loudly and say, "Damn it! They're here... right now? I knew this day would come." Get up to leave and before you exit say, "Ladies and gentlemen, there's no need to be alarmed. Now I need you to listen to me. STAY IN THIS THEATER UNTIL I COME BACK." Then run out humming the Mission Impossible theme.

18. Near the end of the movie, say "Holy elevators Batman!" then run out.

19. Sit at the top and block the projection with your hand.

20. After the movie ends, run to the bathroom and sit on the floor and cry. Whe people ask what's wrong, tell them that the movie scared you(works even better if it was a comedy or an animated film).

Have fun guys! But don't get thrown out of the theater. My suggestion: Don't try #14. Please rate!


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+1 thumb down thumb up
by qwerty y. 1+ years ago

it would be funny if you did 17 on the movie mission immpossible

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+1 thumb down thumb up
by qwerty y. 1+ years ago

i'd recommend not to do 19 and 17 might get you thrown out too

Reply to qwerty y.'s comment
0 thumb down thumb up
by angie s. 1+ years ago

so, i love the number 17 one!!! 'STAY IN THIS THEATER UNTIL I COME BACK. Then run out humming the Mission Impossible theme.' LOL i would try that.... but if i saw anyone that i know there....id be in deep crap. and im under the age of 20... so it doesnt really work for me.

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[below viewing threshold, show comment] -1 thumb down thumb up
by alex n. 1+ years ago

heres another one, play the penis game. one person whispers penis, then the other says it louder. keep going louder and louder until someone tells you to shut up.

Reply to alex n.'s comment
+7 thumb down thumb up
by Matt G. 1+ years ago

Just a point on 13 which British accent? I can think of many British accents that would be fun to use but do you have a specific one in mind? I could assume that your going 4 the stereotype upper class English? but there are loads of very different accents in England alone not to mention all the Scottish or Welsh accents and dialects that count as British.

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[below viewing threshold, show comment] -12 thumb down thumb up
by joe t. 1+ years ago

sorry but could i just say... no. its not funny ........go home

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+6 thumb down thumb up
by rachel s. 1+ years ago

Yeah, that "yell fire" thing in number 14 is actually against the law, inciting a riot or something, so don't do it.

Reply to rachel s.'s comment
+3 thumb down thumb up
by LiTtLe MiSs RaNdOm. .. 1+ years ago

bahhahahahahahaha, luv it. just as much as the 'things to do at wal-mart', and all those ones. :P

Reply to LiTtLe MiSs RaNdOm. ..'s comment
+5 thumb down thumb up
by anthony s. 1+ years ago

i think i would die of embarressment but they were funny 2 read u get a 9 from me

Reply to anthony s.'s comment
+4 thumb down thumb up
by jeff p. 1+ years ago

best one of these lists yet..

Reply to jeff p.'s comment
CFUHI_20 Fun things to do in a movie theater.

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