50 more fun things to do at wal-mart

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50 MORE fun things to do at Wal-Mart

1. Follow a person around the store. Drop random things in their cart when they aren't looking.

2. Walk up to people that are shopping alone and say "You're one of them!" then back away slowly.

3. Try to run people over with the bikes.

4. When you hit someone from doing #3 explain you were practicing for when you get you license.

5. Pick out a toy then walk up to someone you don't even know and start begging for it.

6. Play kick ball. The bigger the ball the better.

7. Pull anything you have out of your pocket, walk up to someone and ask them is they are hungry.

8. Claim an entire isle as your "domain"

9. Charge people to enter your "domain"

10. If an employee asks if you need help talk to them in a foreign language. If you don't know any talk gibberish.

11. Switch kids to different shopping carts.

12. Run threw the halls yelling "THE BRITISH ARE COMING!"

13. Hide all the keys from the paddle locks.

14. Drag a chair over to lawn and garden and place it on a table. Sit on the chair and order people bow down before their king/queen.

15. Take a soda from someone's cart, shake it up, and put it back before they look back.

16. Make it your goal to shake up all the sodas in the soda isle.

17. Spinney chair races. ~Extra points if you crash into someone.

18. Carry around a can of air freshener, spray people and say "You have now been initiated"

19. Go to the female underwear section and advertise "Victoria's secret: the scratch and sniff bra"

20. Have conversation with plants

21. When asked what you are doing reply with "talking to the plants" as if they were the crazy one.

22. Do the same with the fish

23. Sing along badly to songs that are playing on the radios.

24. Put on as many shirts as you can from the clothing section.

25. Transport all the mustard to the shoes section.

26. Every time an announcement comes over the loud speak dive to the ground yelling "IT'S THE RUSSIAN!"

27. Take a doll hostage and climb to the top of a shelf like King Kong.

28. Place a toy (care bear, doll, cabbage patch kid) on a chair then stand in front of it with a bat. Swing at anyone that walks by.

29. Take a beanbag chair and watch TV in the gaming sections.

30. Be an announcer ("and the blond girl with the little kid takes the lead!")

31. Try to sell a bra to a guy.

32. Switchs.

33. Playing bowling with food.

34. Get something stuck on your wrist and then go whining to one of employees that you can't get it off.

35. Buy a fruit to return it minutes later and complain just to hold up the line.

36. Get in a staring contest with the fish.

37. Tackle random people yelling "I WONT LET THEM TAKE YOU AGAIN!"

38. When asked what you were doing say something like "The aliens took you away! They won't get you again!"

39. Turn a light on and off looking mesmerized.

40. Ask to test drive the electronic scooters.

41. When your total is run up slap the cashier and stomp off regardless of the gender.

42. Get a blanket from bed and bath and run threw out the store saving people from over priced goods.

43. Take an out of order sign and move it to the electric sliding doors.

44. Leave a trail of cheetos where ever you go.

45. When asked what your doing explain that you are leaving a trail so you don't get lost

46. Come back every 5 minutes for food samples

47. When discover run away screaming.

48. Lay in the middle of the floor so people can't get around you.

49. Sample all the grapes in a bag

50. go to bed and bath and have a pillow fight


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