Cat and fairy godmother

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A woman famous for her charitable work was granted three wishes by a fairy godmother.

"My," she said, "I have everything I could possibly want in life. What more can I wish for?" Then she thought for a moment and said, "Well I suppose a new living room chair would be nice. I've had that one for 33 years." Within seconds, the fairy godmother had delivered a new chair. "Now what about your second wish?"

"Well, if you insist, I suppose a new car would be nice too" No sooner were the words spoken than a brand new car appeared on the drive.

"And for your third wish?" asked the fairy godmother. "Well, I suppose there's no point having a new car without somebody to share it with. Could you possibly turn my loyal and loving cat into a handsome young man?" Almost immediately, the cat was turned into a handsome hunk. The young man strolled over to the old woman and said: " I bet you're sorry you had me neutered now."


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CFU8S_Cat and fairy godmother

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