Red and Blue Button

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Tommy needed a house. He saw a grande house, with buttons all over the wall. A salesman was standing outside and came up to him. "Good day, sir. Would you like to buy this house?" he asked. "How much?" inquired Tommy. "Only 4,000." "Holy crap! I'll take it!!" exclaimed Tommy. "Excellent choice, sir." said the salesman, taking the money. "BUt whatever you do, don't press the red button."

Well, time went by and Tommy never pressed the red button. But once his curiousity got the better of him and he pressed it. The house was immediately jacked 60 feet in the air. He couldn't get out. The salesman came by on a helicopter and got right next to the front door. Tommy had opened it to see how he could get down. The salesman grinned slyly and said, "For another 100,000 I'll sell ya the blue button to get ya back down."


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CFTYY_Red and Blue Button

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