The Blonde Meeting

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All the blondes in town were tired of being considered stupid, so they asked for a meeting with the mayor. At the meeting, the mayor said, "Well, I'll ask one blonde a question, and if she gets it right, you'll be smarter, if not your still dumb."

So the blondes pick a woman who they think is smart. The mayor says, "What is 3 plus 4?"

"9" says the blonde after thinking for a while. "No, your still stupid." All the blondes there start chanting "Give her another chance, give her another chance!"

The mayor agrees and says, "OK, what's 2 plus 1?" After thinking, the blonde answers, "4" The crowd chants, "Give her another chance, give her another chance!"

The mayor, getting tired of this says, "One more chance, what's 3 plus 3?" The blonde thinks for a few minutes. "6" she answers. The crowd starts chanting, "Give her another chance, give her another chance!"

Blondes are still considered stupid.


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