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Do Elephants REALLY HAVE MEMORIES? Not very many people like to hear super heart warmin stories,but this one is very interesting.

One day in 1986 a man named Membe,moved to kenya. He was walking through the bush when he had seen a young bull elephant.He looked at it trumpeting and liftining its right leg.Membe walked up to the elephant and noticed a thorn in its foot ,he got a firm grip on the thorn and pulled it out. It turned out to be 5in. long. The elephant lifted its right leg stomped 3 times and then trumped.

Membe never for got that day.

He moved to Chicago.One day he was at the Zoo 20 years later and an elephant looked him in the eye,stomped its foot 3 time trumped very loud and stared at Membe.

Membe stepped over the railing and touched the elephants trunk,the elephant picked him up and slamed him aginst the railing killing him instantly. Must have not been the same elephant.


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