the shack in the forest

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three huntsmen were lost in the forest and stumbled on to a house, where they met a sexy lady, she says they can stay as long as they don't look into her closet. They agree, but when she goes into her kitchen, they're curiosity overcomes them and they look. Inside is at least a hundred dicks nailed to the wall. Al of a sudden the lady appears and says since you looked you must pay the price. She says to the first guy "What is your fathers job?" he replies "Butcher" so she takes a butchers cleaver and cuts his dick off. She ask the next guy "what is your father's job?", he replies "Construction worker" so she takes a jackhammer and blasts his dick off. She ask the last guy "What does your father do?", he smiles slyly and replies "lollipop seller, what'cha going to do, suck it off???" =P


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CFPEA_the shack in the forest

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