a man walks in a pub

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a man called Paul walks in a pub and askes for a drink. He then looks arround and sees a hot woman and decides to sit next to her.

She greets him with a kiss and he realizes shes drunk. He knew this could be a great opportunity so he takes her to his house and does her.

The next day the same woman is at the bar. He sees shes drunk so once again takes advangtage of her. It goes like this for a week or so.

The bartender asked Paul if he knew the woman. Paul smiled and walked over to her. She smiled and took him away. "You know this week has been then best week in my life."she says. "Its been the best in mine aswel."Paul gentley kisses her. She looks slightly worried and says "What will your wife think." He replies "Im not married." "Good."she says "But i think you should know why your the only guy to pick me up." By now pauls all over her already."Whats that..." He mumbles. She replies "Oh its nothing realy, but I've decided im going to get changed back to a guy."


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