the polite way to go wee-wee

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once upon a classroom there was some one named little johnny please and thank you [that was his 1st name] who hated to learn + he also escaped from school. HE NEVER GOT CAUGHT LEAVING+ he let all the other kids in the class out of the school because he's so nice. they were talking about "if your on a date with a boy or girl and you have to go wee-wee you have to say something polite to let her know." arnold raised his hand. he may look smart but he's really dumb. "i have to go pee." said arnold.the teacher, mis. please and thank you [little johnnys mom] said,"VERY INPOLITE!! IT IS VERY INPOLITE TO SAY PEE AT A YOUNG WOMAN!!" then austin raised his hand. he's little bit smarter than arnold. said, "excuse me mam, i have to go wee-wee." mrs. please and thank you said,"very good but inpolite to say wee-wee at a young woman. thats the best you've done! good job! go pick from the tresure box! ill give you a ribbon when your done and a candy coated pencil!" then little johnny raised his hand. he was as smart as alaina and alex."excuse me mam, i have to go some where else." mrs. please and thank you fainted because it was very polite. "HOORAY!!!!!!LITTLE JOHNNY SAVES THE DAY AGAIN!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! then they all ran out of the school. even austin! they were all free. credits: submitted by alex blue and alaina blue. hope you put a good rating!! hope its fuuny!!


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CFNQK_the polite way to go wee-wee

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