Blonde Gets Married XD

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OK here is all how it starts.

There was this very very handsome man in a pub, dark hair, tanned skin. And he was just sitting there having a drink. Then this blonde came in and sits down next to the man. She says "Do you love me?" she asked, and the man looked at her breasts then after looking he said "YEA I SURE LOVE YOU!" and then she says "Are you looking at my breasts?" then he says "Well um, I cant lie to you, so then yes I was looking at your breasts" "Do you want to see them?" the blonde asks, "YES PLEASE!" then the blonde lifts up her tank top. The man nelt on one knee and said "Do you want to marry me?" the blonde says "yes".

1 week later.

The blonde and the dark haired man got married, when they got home, the blonde said "Oh baby I forgot to tell you I'm only a loud to have sex 10 times a day and 7 days a week :)"


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CFL2D_Blonde Gets Married XD

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