What chocolate is really made of.

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Years ago a boy named little johney please and thank, ( thats his first name ) was at church and a really fat lady was in front of her. He had just eaten melted chocolate( real chocolate ) so his hands were full of chocolate. He started to pull on the ladies dress. " Stop! she said. He felt bad, he had just made it worse. Now some of the dress was in her butt crack so he tried to take it out but she farted and rips it, she had also ripped a huge hole in her underwhere so he accidently stuffed his hand in her crack, AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! she yell and ran out screaming. he looked at the chocolate on his hands. it seemed to have gotten more thick , So he desided to sell it as real chocolate. He is the presidant of the Hershey's company now. little johney plz and thank u was the best chocolate maker ever and is now selling chocolate everywhere around the PLANET! tune in next week for.....what lemonade is really made of..............


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CFL1C_What chocolate is really made of.

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