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Moelicious is so gay that when he enters the chicken house all the hens say "Wrong coop, the rooster is in the barn" what a fag!


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by Preston N. 1+ years ago

I second and reiterate everything said before me and dare "Matthew S." to say that to his face. Moelicious is a god.

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by Rebekah R. 1+ years ago

Do I sense a little jealousy, hmmm? My dear Mr. Matthew S. please, Think about the fans before you insult the idol.

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by Sara H. 1+ years ago

holy s*** this guy's a f***ing idiot fagget, moelicious is like the funnyest person on this site i LOVE his jokes they're hilarious. this fagget can go 2 h***

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by M R. 1+ years ago

Check out the revision! Moelicious rules again! lol

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by Desha W. 1+ years ago

do i hear hostility mr. matthew s.? you are a gay dumb ass

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by Haley F. 1+ years ago

yeah, he just wants to see if moe is gay so they can go out >.<

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by Russell I. 1+ years ago

how DARE you disreaspect the GOD of off with your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by jim r. 1+ years ago

I thinkl Matt S. is both jealous AND gay!

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