Wood eye!!!

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There once was a boy, who was riding his bike, and he fell off of his bike. He lost an eye in the accident. The boys mother took him to the doctor and, decided she couldnt afford a brand new eye, or a replica, so they replaced his socket with a "wooden eye". The next week the boy went to the jr. high dance, and he was sitting in the middle of the dance floor, nervous about others seeing his eye, so he was kind of covering it up, while dancing in the circle. Finally he got sick of doing that, and siad okay thats it I can't take this so he went and sat down in the corner. A moment later, a girl approached him with a "hair lip" which is a lip that is basically cut at the top and points inward. so she approaches him and he kindly asks..would you like to dance?..and the girl replies OH WOULD I, WOULD I!!!!!..and the man gets furious and says..Fuckin Hair Lip and walks away.


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CFH5C_Wood eye!!!

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