True Story: my own stupidity

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This is a true story (the best one's always are)

The other night my boyfriend *Jack was over. We were sitting in my car in front of my house before he had to leave so we could smoke a cigarette and listen to the radio. He noticed I was just about out of gas so he offered to follow me to the gas station so I wouldnt have to worry about it on my way to work in the morning. How sweet, right? So anyway, we make it to the first red light and my car died. Now keep in mind my car is notorious for stalling at red lights and busiy intersections. Jack was behind me in his truck and figured I ran out of gas finally. He put on his hazzard lights and gets out to check if it was really out of gas at this point. (we both assumed there was enough to get me to the gas station) He tried to start my car a few times with no luck. He was looking at the gas gauge and saying how I should still have enough for another mile or two. Aggrivated at this point I told him he must be wrong because if I cant start the car back up then it didnt stall it was out of gas! (that would make sence, right?) He looked at me, looked at my dash, then back at me and smilled. "First things first Babe, put the car in PARK" He's lucky he's cute!!!!!!!!


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

Please people for the love of god learn to spell!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CFEZK_True Story: my own stupidity

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