Oh my. I best Be Going.

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There is a ring at the door. Polly goes to answer and sees a police officer.

Officer: "May I come in?"

Polly: "Why sure, officer. What seems to be the problem?"

Officer: "I hear from a friend that you're not getting enough to fulfill your needs around here."

Polly: "Oh, I guess we're not getting good cable?"

Officer: "Well, I'm here to fix that."

Polly: "Oh, great! How?"

Officer: "Sit down and watch." (Polly Sits On The Couch).

Officer: "Ok, hip to the left, hip to the right."

Polly: "Is this some kind of pre-work out? I mean it's just some wrong re-wiring...Oh my!" (The Officer pulls off his shirt).

Polly: "Sir, I don't believe it's that hot in here! It's only 55 degrees outside."

Officer: "Oh, baby its getting hotttt in here!"

Polly: "Sir, I do believe you'd best be getting down to the basement. That's where the problem is."

Officer: "I like a girl that wants her privacy. But the living room is fine." (He then rips his pants off).

Polly: "Oh my lord! What in heaven's name!"

Officer: "You want more off?"

Polly: "I...don't...Jesus!"

Officer: "Oh, you want me to take it all off?"

Polly: "Um... sir!" (Officer starts to pull down his undies).

At this time a man walks into the room from the Kitchen.

Man: "Polly! I go get a bowl of popcorn and you invite a male stripper!!!"

Officer: "I'm sorry, sir, but who are you? Did they send back-up?"

Man: "No, I'm not back up! I'm this woman's husband, George."

Officer: "The lady that called me said...single!"

Man: "We were happily married, till now!" (Officer reaches down for his pant pocket and pulls out a note.)

Officer: "Is this 7726 Lowland Meadows?"

Man: "No, it's 7726 Highland Meadows!"

Officer: "Oh my! I best be going!"


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