Next Time Write It Down

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Carl is having love problems with his wife so he goes to his good friend Paul who has a STD. Carl caught his wife cheating on him so he asks Paul to go turn on his wife and have sex with her giving her the STD for a sum of money. Paul wonders how much. Carl says 5000 thousand. Paul all shocked agrees and walks into the womans bedroom. Carl gets up next to the door and hears a wail. The wife starts to speak "I'm sorry i cant do this, i have a husband." Paul goes i know. The woman says "Then we did you just put your snake into my garden" Paul says to ward off rodents, and so then he walks away. Carl says "So, does she have it, can u confirm" Paul says "I hope so". Carl then says "Thats not good enough, i want you to take this gun go kill this man." Carl hands him a picture and address. I want him dead. Now, once he is dead you may have a passport to your favorite place Panama and 5000 dollars. Paul agrees and shortly after 30 minutes he comes back. Paul goes kitchen and sees carl. Paul "He is dead, im sure, after i shot him i checked his body 3 times to see if it matched the picture." Carl stands up walks around to the front door taking Paul with him. Carl standing inside, Paul standing outside. Carl says "Fine work my friend, but next time you agree to get something done, write it down so theres no that the telephone i hear...gotta go cya" Carl closes the door. Paul walks down the street and says "Oh my god..." He puts the gun to his head...



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