Good Driving?

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One day, a police officer pulls over a guy. "Is there a problem officer?" the man asks him. "No, there's no problem. I just noticed that you were driving so well that I wanted to give you this." the officer replies handing him over a $100 bill "So, what are you going to get with that money?"

The driver takes a minute to think then says "Wow, uhh... I'll probably get myself a license..."

The man in the passenger seat adds "Don't pay attention to him, he's like that when he's drunk."

Another guy who was asleep in the baskseat wakes up to see the cop and says "See! I told you guys we wouldn't get far in a stolen car!"

Following that, there is a voice coming from the trunk "Are we over the border yet?"

The cop fainted.


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by Joel E. 1+ years ago

I don't know how they could have pulled this off, but if they did, these people would be Kings among trolls.

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by talena h. 1+ years ago


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by NaTiVe B. 1+ years ago

lmao dats koo

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by chad b. 1+ years ago

lol, thats pretty good

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