Blue Goo

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theres this kid at school, and he was talking with his friends. suddenly he says "blue goo" and the teacher hears him say it. the teacher gets really mad, and sends him to the principal's office. on the way there he thought about how he got sent to the office by saying blue goo.

at the principal's office, he tells the principal he said "blue goo" the princial says "what!? you are expelled from this school district! GO HOME!" so he leaves, and thinks about how he got expelled for saying "blue goo".

at home, he tells him mom he got expelled for saying "blue goo" his mom gets really mad, and says "what!? go to your room, and wait for your father!" so he waits and thinks about how he got sent to his room by saying "blue goo"

when his dad gets home, he asked him what he did. he told him he got expelled for saying "blue goo" his dad snaps, and says "get out of this house, and never come back. he packed and left, and as he left he thought about how he got sent to the principal, expelled from school, got grounded, and winded up homeless just becaus he said "blue goo"

so he goes to live at the park. at the park, he meets this hobo guy. he telles him everything that happend to him, and that he didnt even know what "blue goo" ment. the hobo points to a restaurant and says "at 12:00 tonight go in there, and they'll tell you what "blue goo" means. so he waits untill midnight.

at 12 o'clock he goes running across the street to the resaurant, and right when he gets to the middle of the street... he gets run over by a semi-truck.

the moral of the story, is to look BOTH WAYS before crossing the street...


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