Hershey Brothers

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There was a little black boy and a little black girl that were going trick or treating. When they knocked on the first door, a lady answered. They said trick or treat. The lady then asked them, who are you suppose to be? They said, were Hansel and Gretel. The lady told them that Hansel and Gretel weren't black and she wasn't giving them any candy.

On to the next house, and they knock on the door. A lady answered and they again said trick or treat. The lady there asked them who they were suppose to be. They said, were Jack and Jill. The lady told them Jack and Jill weren't black so I'm not giving you any candy.

By this time they were pretty mad at not getting any candy. So, they decided to try one more house. They knocked on the door and when it opened they said trick or treat. The lady there looked from the boy to the girl and back again. There the two stood completely naked. Startled the lady asked them who they were suppose to be. They said to her, were the Hershey brothers.......one with nuts, one without.


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