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One day, three grade 4 students were playing on the play ground. The first student was Irish, the second was black, and the third was a redneck. They are all playing, when the irish said, "I have an idea for a game." The other two students look at him and asked, "What?" The irish kid then responded, "How about we pull out our penises, and see who's is longest?" The black and the redneck kids agreed. First, the black kid whips his out. The Irish kid laughs, whips his out and says, "Your's is puny, check out mine." Then the redneck grins and pulls his out.

The Irish kid says, "Wow, that's a big penis." Not only was the redneck's penis the longest, but it was also the fattest. When the redneck kid got home, his mother asked him how school was. He said, "Well ma, me an' muh buddies was playing a game on who had the biggest penis, and I won.. Hey ma, do ya think I won cuz' I'm a redneck?"

The mother replied "No, Billy, you won because your 23."


How funny is this joke, video, picture?


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