The alphabet

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one day little jonny ,whom was in kindegarten, was goofing around in class with his friend allen and so then the teacher mrs.chanler said "Jonny how about you?" then jonny said " What." so then she said tell me the first four letters in th alphabet and so jonny stood up and said "I don't know them though" and so she said "how about when you get home you find them out so you can tell me them tomorrow." "okay" he said so when he got home he went up to his mom and she was on the phone but he still asked " what is the first letter in the alphabet" and she said "shut up" so then he went to his sister and asked "what is the second letter in the alphabet?" and she was also on the phone but she was on the phone witrh here boyfriend so then she said "sure, sure i would love to go." so then he went to his little brother who was watching batman and he asked "what is the third letter in the alphabet?" and and he said "batman" really loud so then he went to is dad whom was cleaning the toilet and so he asked "whart is the fourth letter in the alphabet?" and his dad said "in the toilet in the toilet" (singing it) and so then the next day when he went to school the teacher asked "do you know the first four letters in the alphabet and he said shutup and she said would you like to go to the principals office? and he said shure, shure i would love to go and so when he was in the princiopals office the principal asked what is your name son and he said batman really loud and then the principal asked where do you like and he sang in the toilet in the toilet!


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