The Army Want's....

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Your Mom (as a nurse) Your Brother (as a target) Your Life (if you have one) Your Cat (fuckin cat hair) And Your Dog (fuckin stinky farts) Your Weed (don't got any.....lier) Your Loyality (commies) Your Rights (plead to this mutha fucka) Your Door ( as cover ) Your CD's (people screaming was'nt enough) Your Porn Stash (no pussy for you) Your Soul (sold it to the devil did'nt you) Your Cigarettes (your gonna be a smokin crater soon) Your Shoes (you don't need them) Your Money ( guns are'nt free) Your Friends (yay team members) Your Games (war is addicting) Your Throwing Arm (grenade ho!!!!!!!) Your Trigger Finger ("ping" 10 points) Your Body (that junk you haul around is broken) Your Voice (screaming profanities at everything) Your God (your a rental) Your Quick Running (moving target) Your Slow Running (stealth dose'nt work in daylight) Your Team Skills (that big bomb fucked them up) Your Retreating Skills (pussy) Your Bed (because sleeping in pieces does'nt work) Your Ability To Dance (mating calls never worked) Your Army Strong Now!


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CF0UK_The Army Want's....

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