Three Guys

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Three guys, black, chinese, and polish were riding in a car in the middle of no where. Then there car broke down, and went to an old farm house, and asked the farmer if they could stay there. The farmer said yes, and the guys came inside. The farmer saw the guys eyeing his daughter, so when everyone was sleeping, the farmer put popcorn at the foot of the stairs for an early warning system. The black went to the foot of the stairs, peed on the popcorn to muffle his steps, and had his way with the farmer's daughter. he came back downstairs, and woke the chinese guy up. "You gotta try it." the black man said to the chinese man. So the chinese man did what the black man did, and went upstairs and also had his way with the farmer's daughter. The chinese man then came downstairs, and told the polish man, "You gotta try it." A few minutes later, the polish man came downstairs. "How was it?" asked the black man. The polish man smiled, and said, "Great, that was the best hot buttered popcorn i ever tasted."


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