Special Ed problem

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This is a true story:

I met this guy who had an unusual speech problem.He was also fat. He pronounced the "k" sound as "t". We must have been in like 6th grade and we had this REALLY, i mean, REALLY old teacher and she lived right next door to him.Living so close they became somewhat "friends". Well one day i stopped by and he and the teacher(Mrs.Spraig) were talking. She had a cat on her shoulder and one in her arm.Chris( the special ed kid) meant to say ,"i like your pretty kitties" but what came out was "i like your pretty titties!" Mrs.Spraig slapped him and replied, "play with your own! You have bigger tits than me!" and stormed in the house. The moral of this is never have kids with a relative because it increases the chance of sped kids and that can happen.

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CET2K_Special Ed problem

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