Go jump off a bridge

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One day three freinds were walking along an old beat-up dirt road when one man trips and falls. The man see's a dirty old lamp picks it up spits on it and rubs it thinking he could sell it for a bit of money.

The lamp starts to shake violently and poof out pops a magic genie.

The genie says "i will turn this road into a high bridge and make water under it." so he did.

then the genie says "now each of you will run off of it a say holy-- something and you will land in what you said."

so the first man runs and jumps off the bridge and yells in the air "holy.....money!" so he lands in tons of money

the second man thought for a second then ran of knowing what he wanted and he yells "holy naked women" so he lands in a pile of naked women.

the third man runs off and trip right before he jumps off the bridge and yells in confusion "Holy shit!!!!"


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CESSQ_Go jump off a bridge

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