A bad pre-wedding dinner

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A couple were getting married and the man was invited to dinner at his fiance’s house.His father was at the far end of the table and his fiance` was at the other end.He was sitting beside her on the right.The dog, Roxy, sat next to her on the left. The dinner was going great until she realized that she had to pass some gas.But she decided to hold it in. A little while later-dinner still going good- and she really had to pass gas so she let a little one go.The father said,”Roxy!” and she felt a little bit better. A few minutes later she REALLY had to pass gas.This time she let a bigger one go.The father said,” ROXY!” this time she was feeling alright. But a little bit later she IS DYING with stomach cramps and her intestines moving.So this time-figuring it will get blamed on the dog again- she lets it all loose with an explosive sound.The father shouts, “ DAMMIT ROXY! GET AWAY FROM HIM BEFORE HE SHITS ON YOU!”


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by Steven M. 1+ years ago

If you are going to edit someone elses joke to pass as your own at least edit it the whole way through. The person in this joke switches from man to woman several times throughout.

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CESJH_A bad pre-wedding dinner

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