Tasteless Rice

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Molly has long wondered why her mother put salt on their fried fish, that's why when he saw his mother cooking fried fish, he asked. "Mom, why do you put salt on our fish???" "ah, that's why because if I don't, our fish would be tasteless. Remember, no food would that be great if we do no put salt. Molly pondered on this things.

Then, after a day, his mother saw him in the kitchen holding the container of the salt. "Molly, what are you doing there???" his mother asked wondering what was hw doing with the salt. then his mother saw that a mound of salt was slowly seeping down the half-cooked rice. "What have you done?!?" Moll answered with whole stupidity and remorse. "Mom, I tasted the rice and it is tasteless, that's why I put a lot of salt on it. And I did that because you said that no food would that be great if it has no salt." His mother replied "You stupid brat!"


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