The Leprachaun at the bar

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One day a man and his leperchaun walked into the bar. The man said "One Bud for me and a margarita for my friend here." The man at the bar hands over the drinks. The leperchaun promptly drinks his margarita, walks down to the end of the bar, and spits in the guy at the end of the bar's face.

Two days later the man comes back with the leperchaun and orders the exact same thing. Once again the leperchaun drinks it, walks to the end of the bar, and spits in the same guys face.

Another 2 days later the man orders the same thing but when the man notices the leprchaun running towards him again, he picks the leperchaun up by the leg and says

"Listen buddy if you spit at me one more time I will cut your pecker off." The leperchaun roars with laughter at this and the man asks, "what's so funny?"

After the leperchaun eventually calms down ebough he says, "Silly man leperchauns don't have peckers."

The man stares at the leperchaun for a little while then asks, "Then how do you pee?"

The leperchaun simply states, "By spitting."


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