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Insults and Joke

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You couldn't score in a monkey whore house with a bag of bananas.

Your so stupid you have to reach into your bra to count to two.

An Irishmen, Englishmen, and Scotishmen all walked into a bar and all agreed you were one ugly fuck.

You know why blonde jokes are so short? So men can understand them.

How to spot a blonde: its impossible to lick your elbow (if you just tried to lick your elbow you a blonde)

WARNING: NEXT JOKE IS EXPLICIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . One day a little boy takes a shower with his mom, and the mom tells him not to look down, but the boy looks down anyway. "Mommy whats that?" The boy says pointing to the mother vagina. "Umm...its a front lawn" The mom says.

The next day the little boy is taking a shower with his dad and the dad tells him not to look down, but once again the little boy looked down anyway. "Daddy whats that?" The little boy asked pointing to the Dad's penis, "Uhh...its a car," The dad says.

A few weeks later, the little boy catches his mom and another man having sex with each other. "Daddy, Daddy, come quick!" The boy cried franticly, "Some idiot's parking his car in mom's front lawn!"


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