The Alien & the old man

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There was an alien sitting on top of a building repeating everything that an old man was saying. Someone came by the old man and said"Let's hear your best singing." " ME ME ME ME ME ME ME" said the old man "OKay okay you passed that part, now,what do you eat you dinner with?" "Forks and knives, forks and knives!" said the old man "okay you passed that part,Now what would you do if I picked a fight with you?" "Bring it on fat man!" said the old guy "You're really good, you passed that part, now what is your best Glade Plug in comercial act?" "PLug it in Plug it in" he sang

Well the next day the old guy was found dead and the alien just happened to be walking by when the police siad"Who killed this old man?" " Me me me me me me me me me me!" said the alien "what in God's name did you kill him with?" asked the police "forks and knives forks and knives" said the alien The police siad "sir, I believe that we are gonna have to take you down town." "bring it on fat man!" said the alien well, the alien went to court and his sentence was the electric chair the day that the punishment was the put him in the electric chair but couldn't get it ot work and the alien picked up the plug and said "plug it in- plug it in!"


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CEOSM_The Alien & the old man

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