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In a small airplane there were four people: the pilot, the Pope, George Bush and a hitchhiker.

They were flying over mountains when suddenly the pilot burst through the doors to the passenger compartment and announced that there was a fuel leakage and the plane would crash in 5 minutes.

"There are only three parachutes I'm afraid," he said, as he hurredly grabbed one for himself and jumped out. That left the three passengers and two parachutes.

George Bush said, "I'm the president, and I'm the world's smartest man and I deserve to live." And with that he grabbed a pack and leaped out.

"Young man," said the Pope to the hitchhiker, "I am old, I have lived my life and it was a very good one. You're still young, please take the last parachute and save yourself. My life is in the hands of God."

"It's okay," said the hitchhiker. "Don't worry, we have a parachute each."

"How can that be?" asked the Pope.

"Well, the world's smartest man just jumped out with my backpack!"


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by EuroSong 1+ years ago

This joke has been altered by the website to include an incorrect spelling. I originally submitted this joke with the word AEROPLANE. Why did they change it to a baby word? Either change it back to the proper word, or REMOVE the joke from the database.

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CENG_Smartest Man

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