Gas Attack!

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There was 3 people on a plane. A doctor, teacher, and a soldier. The doctor goes to the window and drops a needle. Next, the teacher drops a pencil out the window. Finally, the soldier drops a grenade out the window.

When the plane landed the 3 of them were walking down the street. They came across a little boy crying. They ask him "Whats wrong little boy?" He responded "A needle came from the sky and killed my mom." The doctor felt bad but they kept walking.

Next, saw a little girl crying by the side of the road. They asked "Why are you crying?" She said "A pencil fell from the sky and killed my dad." The teacher about started crying but they continued to walk down the street.

Finally they came across a boy and his grandma laughing there heads off. They asked "Why are you laughing?" The boy said "My grandma and I were in the front yard when she farted and the house blew up!"


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CEMWO_Gas Attack!

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