One Last Request

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There was a man that was falsely accused of a crime. He wasn't proven innocent, and he was convicted on all charges. He was given the death sentence, and was to be hanged. On the day of his hanging, the hangman asked him "Do you have any last requests?" "No, i'm fine." replied the man "Are you sure?" asked the hangman "Weeeeell, Music has, and always will be, my great passion. May I sing one more song, without any interuption, as long as it is a song that was not made up here on this spot?" The hangman agreed, and had the hanging postponed until the man finished his song. The man breathed a sigh of relief, and started singing " Nine hundred ninety-nine trillion bottles of beer on the wall, nine hundred ninety-nine trillion bottles of beer..."

Moral: Just because you're going to die, dosn't mean you should lose all hope.


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