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A group of soldiers are going into war, as the general is handing out guns he runs out on the last person. "well i have an idea son," the general jokeingly starts "when the enemy gets near just stick your hand out like a gun and yell BANGETY BANG!!" " Well ok", the soldier agrees. As soon as they get on the battlefield the soldier points his hand out like a gun and yells "bangety bang" at all enemys that come near. To his surprise it is acctually working enemy soldiers are dropping dead left and right from his "bangety bang".

A week later the same group of soldiers are going into another battle. the general once again runs out of swords on the SAME man "here i have an idea," the general starts to joke again " when any enemy soldier comes near just point your finger and yell KNIFEETY KNIFE!!". So on the battlefield the man yelled "knifeety knife". Again to his surprise it works the enemy soldiers were being killed left and right.

A week later the man doesnt even get in line for guns and knives he walkes straight toward the battlefield. and so KNIFEETY KNIFE BANGETY BANG KNIFEETY KNIFE BANGETY BANG!!!!!!! the man screams. soon all of the enemys were down exept for one KNIFEETY KNIFE BANGETY BANG!!!!! the man screamed.......... but the one enemy didnt go down so the man tried again and again until he gave up. " why wont you die!!!!" suddenly to the mans horror the enemy man screamed out "TANKETY TANK TANKETY TANK!!!!!!!!!"


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