the ghost of teenie weenie

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One night it was storming hard. I mean there was a lot of rain so a guy stops at a hotel for the night. He asked the receptionist if they had an open room. "Sure'" he said' “except its haunted" that’s ok said the guy. So he goes up to the room and falls asleep. Suddenly the clock strikes twelve and a voice whispers eerily "im the ghost of teenie weenie, chop of your balls and eat your weenie" the guy freaked and jumped out the dying instantly. The next night the storm still going. A second guy came into the hotel and asked for a room. "Sure," the receptionist replied. "As long as you’re not afraid of ghosts." the second guy assured him that he wasn't and even threw in some lies that he got in a tangle with some. So the guy gets his key and goes to sleep. The clock struck twelve and the man heard a voice that hissed' "im the ghost of teenie weenie, chop off your balls and eat your weenie" the second guy panic jumped out the window and met the same fate the first one did. On the third night of the storm a third guy walked inside the hotel to get a room. "So long you’re not afraid of ghost," said the receptionist surrendering the key. The third guy went to sleep and at twelve he heard a voice speak, im the ghost of teenie weenie, chop off your balls and eat your weenie!" the third guy said "im the ghost of Christmas past, touch my balls, ill kick yo ass!"


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