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There was a chinese man that didn't know how to speak any english that walked into a hotel. He got his room key went upstairs and sat on the bed to watch tv. When he turned the tv on, there was a commercial. It was opera. It went "Mimimimimi" so he changed the channel. Then there was another commercial. It was a restaraunt, it went "Forks and knives forks and knives" So he changed the channel, there was another commercial. It was an ar freshner. It went, "Plug it in plug it in." so he changed the channel. There was anither commercial, it was chocolate bars, it went "Bars Bars Bars" Then the doorbell rang. He went to answer it. It was a police man. He said "Did you kill this lady." The chinese guy said "Mimimimimi" The police said "What you use to kill her with?" The guy said "forks and knives forks and knives." the police said, "We're putting you in the elictric chair" the guy said "Plug it in plug it in." The police said, "Then you're going to jail" the guy said "Bars Bars Bars". The guy was soon arrested and died 25 years later. This is a true story.


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