Odd Laws!

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1. in texas its illeagal to sell your eye!

2. In Texas people are not allowed to give there kids "unusual haircuts"

3. its agenst the law for a monster to enter the city limits of Urbana, Illinois.

4. its against the law to sing off key in North Carolina

5. your not allowd to make an "ugly face" at a dog in Oklahoma

6. Its against the law to box with a kangaroo in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.(There are kangaroos in Oregon?)

7. You are not allowd to wash your mule on the sidewalk in Culpeper, Verginia.

8. Kirkland, Illinois, Law forbids bees to fly through any of the streets(has anyone told the bees?)

9. It's illegal to go whale fishing on Newbraska(since when is there whales in Newbraska?)

10. You are braking the law if you fish in you p.j's (Chicago, Illinois)

11. the state ofMassachusetts absolutly forbids dueling with water pistols.

12. In vermont it is against the law to whistle underwater!(okaii because everyone dose that all the time)

Pleas vote. me an my friends had a blast reading theses:)

o_0 I am watching you o_O


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