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picture a hot dog in your mouth scratch that picture a hot dog in your neighbors mouth then a flock of birds come down and steal the hot dog a few mins later your nieghbor is falling down because they are hit so hard in the head by a flying hot dog

that probibly isn't that funny but if you like it soo far then do whatever the hell you want to do but if you want to read something funnier scroll down

1 lock yourself in a bathroom and scream then unlock the door and leave

2 put really bright red lipstick on and give someone a kiss on the check

3 put a fixed spoon in a bowl of pudding

4 if you can guess what the heck this is about you're a geinious

5 put a lable of salt on your sugar and a lable of sugar on your salt and offer some one coffee when they ask for sugar tell them "it's right next to the salt and try not to mix them up" when they stir their coffee grab a camera and get as many pics as possible of them drinking it then say "i told you not to mix them up"

6 buttpaste toothpaste there's something you don't want to mix up

7 in public, squeak five times then ask yourself why you just squeaked five times

8 assure others that zero squared equalls .0009

9 watch a blank video for one hour and ask others to join you

10 copy your butt then draw on it and tell people that you found this by the copier and they should come to a party (that doesn't exsist).


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