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Q. Why are there only twelve Republicans in Heaven? A. Because if there were any more it would be Hell.

Q. Why is the Democrats mascot a donkey? A. Because they're all asses.

Q. Why isn't there a speed limit in Montana? A. Because between the Freemen and the Unibomber you want to get the hell out of there.

Q. What do you call someone in the White House that is honest, loyal to his country and law abiding? A. A tourist .

Q. What's the first thing Bill Clinton says to his wife after he has sex? A. "Hillary I'll be home in an hour."

Q. Do you know why they canceled Rush Limbaugh's show. A. Because not enough people had big screen T.V.'s

Q. Why does Bill Clintons dog help his image so much. A. Because compared to a dog Bill Clinton's sex life is normal.

Q. Do you know what the name of Boris Yeltsons cheap knock off of the movie Air Force One is called? A. Air Bud.

Q. If Dan Quale, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton were in a spelling bee which would win? A. Dan Quale would, he is the only one that knows the harass in one word.

Q. Why is Bill Clinton afraid to invite Marion Barry to the White House? A. Because he doesn't want The White House to become The Crack House.


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