Seven Questions

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A young boy, only the age of 8, is told by his teacher that throughout the day tomorrow he would be asked seven questions. She told him to go home and study for the questions.

The boy (being a lazy and stupid kid) deicded to ask his family members the answers. So he goes up to his mom (who's on the phone) and says "Mom, what's the answer to the first question?". The mom said "Shut up! I'm busy!"

Next the boy goes to his sister, who's listening to music, and asks her what the answer to the second question was. The boy's sister sang "Oh yeah, uh-huh, woo-hoo!"

The boy, content with the answer goes to his brother that's taking out the trash and asks him for the answer to the third question. The brother "In the garbage, in the garbage, In the garbage."

Next the boy goes to his Grnadma who's in the bathroom without toilet paper and asks her "Grandma, what's the answer to the fourth question?" To which the Grandma responds "Toilet paper! Toilet paper!"

Soon, the boy goes to his brother that's playing with action figures and asks what the answer to the fifth question was. The brother says "Da-na-na-na-na-na, BATMAN!

So the boy goes to Dad who'swatching football and asks him what the answer to the sixth question was. The dad says "44, and make 'em hard!"

Finally, the boy asks him Grandpa (who's cooking hot dogs) "What's the answer to the seventh question?" And the grandpa says "Damn that weiner is lookin' fine."

The nexy day, the boy goes in and is asked by the taecher what the first letter of the alphabet is. The boy says "Shut up! I'm busy!" The teacher says "Young man, do you want to go to the princapal's office?" And the boy says "Oh yeah, uh-huh, woo-hoo!"

In the princapals office, the princapal (Mrs. Smith) says "What were you thinking? Where's your common sense?" And the boy says "In the garbage, in the garbage, in the garbage!"

(Mrs. Smith): That's rude! Where do you live and what's your phone number?

(Boy): Toilet paper! Toilet paper!

(Mrs. Smith):Who do you think you are?!

(Boy): Da-na-na-na, BATMAN!

(Mrs. Smith): Are you asking for spankings?!

(Boy): 44! And make 'em hard!

So he gets hid 44 hard spankings, Mrs. Smith sends the boy to the school counseler. The counceler asks the boy "What do you have to say for yourself?"

(Boy): Damn, that weiner is lookin' fine."


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