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A teacher asked a boy to learn 4 phrases one Thursday and come back to school with them the next day. So the boy went home.

He went to his mum who was painting the house but she told him to shove off. So he went to his dad who was whatching football and his team had just scored a goal."Yippee" he cried.

Next he went to his little brother who was whatching Action Man. "Action Man the greatest hero of them all"the telivision blurred.

After he went to his little sister who was whatching Noddy. "In my vrom vrom car" said Noddy. Hed learnt his phrases and the next day he went to school.

"Have you learnt your 4 phrases?"asked the teacher.

"Shove off" replied the boy.

"Thats it your going to the head mistress"said the teacher in gret discust.

"Yippee"cried the boy.

"Just who do you think you are?"commented the teacher.

"Action Man greatest hero of them all"

"Just how are you going to get out of this one?" asked the teacher.

"In my vrom vrom car"replied the boy. :-) please vote good


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