Questions that don't deserve an answer

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How many words is a sculpture worth?

If you're born on an airplane what nationality are you?

Did the boy scouts take to the mountains because the city kids kept beating them up?

I've been dirt poor and filthy rich, when will I be clean?

Do David Spade and Rob Schneider know that it's okay to turn down movie roles?

What color are big lies?

Can Michael Jackson even wear glasses?

Have you ever been so drunk that you call the policeman "Your Honor"?

Why don't baseball players cross their hearts after they strike out?

Why are the actors in fast food commercials all thin?

What was the belt first used for, holding up your pants or smacking your children?

How about a new rule in football, games cannot be decided in overtime by some sissy field goal kicker that had nothing to do with the game?

What does it mean when a woman has big feet?

Can blind people see their dreams, do they dream?

How come Batman doesn't sleep upside down?

What do starving children think about all the fruits and vegetables we use on our hair?

Why do drug stores sell junk food, to promote business?

and finally.....

Why do we strive to be perfect when we know that everyone will hate us when we get there?


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