Customer Service FAQs

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I have compiled a list of questions that customers may ask;

01q) Where's that product that's on special? 01a) It's on the lighted display behind you.

02q) How much is this? 02a) According to the price tag, $5.99.

03q) Do you work here? 03a) No, I work for the competition. I'm here undercover to do some recon. Don't tell anyone, or my mission will be comprimised.

04q) Are you busy? 04a) As a matter of fact, yes I am. If I don't get enough sleep before the boss finds me, I'll be too tired to get my job done.

05q) There's nobody in the hunting dept. Can you help me out there? 05a) Sorry, but ever since Bob's meds ran out, we stay clear of there during open season. *puts hat up to chest* Poor Jack. He never saw it coming.

06q) Are you opened? 06a) No. All these people are just illusions.

07q) Who's in charge here? 07a) The manager...

08q) This ATM isn't giving me the money I ask for. 08a) Hence the reason for the "Out of order." sign.

09q) There's a hole in this bag of cheesies. 09a) Huh. I guess my pet mice got hungry.

10q) Where's your bread at? 10a) In the bakery section.


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by Duke A. 1+ years ago

Well I for one think they're amusing... No reason to use foul language.

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by De'Jah M. 1+ years ago

remeber me DEJah m i wish you suck me #$%^** and thiese duckerdoo jokes suck

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