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So Bill gets home from work and his wife wants to go out to eat. The wife says "Well, I heard about this Steak and Strip, lets go there." The husband claims he has never gone there and tries to talk his wife out of going. Finally, he gives in and they arrive. "Hey Bill," says the doorman. The wife calmly says, "I thought you were never been here?" Then Bill replies "Hes on my bowling team. So Bill and his wife continue walking and the lady at the desk says "How's it going, Bill?" The wife now getting a little mad says, I thought you said you've ever been here!" "NO NO NO, I haven't that girl is married to a guy on my bowling team," says Bill. "Okay," says the wife and they continue walking. The man at the bar says "Hey Bill, will ya have the regular?" "Oh," says the wife. "Oh, hes on my bowling team too and umm... he always gets the drinks." A women with rather large breasts walks by and says "Hey bill wanna get your special!??" "OH, THATS IT BILL YOU LIED TO ME!!!!," yelled the wife, as they run out the door. The wife guickly gets a cab and Bill catches the door. The wife starts calling Bill every name in the book. The driver of the cab leans back and says "WOW, BILL YOU SURE PICKED UP A CRANKY ONE TONIGHT!!!!"


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