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Daniel and his wife, Emma,are having an arguement. "When you die", says Daniel, "I'm going to get you a headstone that says, HERE LIES EMMA, COLD AS EVER. And Emma answered, "When YOU die, Mr. Wiseguy, I'm going to get YOU a headstone that says, HERE LIES DANIEL, STIFF AT LAST. ___________________________________________________________

Joshua, a young tough, marries Becky. "Okay, here are the rules", he said to her. "I go where I want, I stay with whoever I want, I do what I want for how long I want, I come home to a hot dinner every evening, and I don't hear your lip. Got that?" She answers, "Yes, and I will agree as long as you understand that there will be sex here every evening at 10:00 - - whether you're here or not." ___________________________________________________________

Jason and his parents are having family movie night. They are watching the movie PREDATOR. "The Predator is so ugly, he looks just like a terrorist", the mother says. And Jason answers, "'Cept when his mask is off. Then he looks like President Bush." ___________________________________________________________


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