Catholic, Engineer, and Woodsman

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There were three men who were about to die. They are going to be burned. So, the first man was tied to a steak, and the men were trying to light yp the wood.

The first man, tied to the steak, said "I am a Catholic and I know Saint Peter will save me!"

When the evil men were about to light it up, nothing happened. the Catholic was happy and was released.

When the second man was being to to the steak, he said "I am an engineer, and I know electricity will save me."

The evil men tried to burn the wood, but nothing happened again. The engineer went off happily.

The third man was next. He was being tied to the steak when he said, "I am a woodcutter, and I prefer you dry the logs before you burn it..."

And he got killed...


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CEEQA_Catholic, Engineer, and Woodsman

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