What not to say during an execution

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There were 3 men, and they were walking in the Mojave Desert only to be captured by an indian tribe. The tribal chief said, "Tomorrow, we shall execute you 3. You have one last night to live."

That night the 3 conferenced. The first man said, "I've heard that this indian tribe is afraid of natural disasters. If we yell one during our execution, we should be able to escape."

The next morning the first man was to be executed first. Just as they were about to shoot him, he pointed northward and yelled, "FLOOD!" There was confusion and panic, and the first man escaped.

The second man was next in the execution line. As he was at gunpoint, he yelled, "SANDSTORM!" There was confusion and panic, and the 2nd man escaped.

Then, the third man was set to be executed. They raised the gun, and in his attempt to flee, he yelled, "FIRE!"


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CEDPY_What not to say during an execution

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