Having Puppies

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A Brunette, Redhead, and a Blonde are sitting in the Obstetrician's office. They're all in their 3rd Trimester of their pregnancies. The Brunette picks up a magazine and begins reading an article on Conception and the Sex of the Baby.

The Brunette turns to the other two and says, "Hmmmm, this article says that if you were on top when the baby was coneived...there is a very good chance that the baby is going to be a boy! That's just what my husband and I wanted."

The Redhead takes the magazine and begins reading the same article...a little bit later she very excitedly exclaims..."it says here that if you were on the bottom when the baby was conceived...there is a very good chance that the baby is going to be a girl! That's just what we wanted."

Suddenly...the blonde begins shaking and crying hysterically. The Brunette and Redhead ask her what's wrong.

The Blonde Screams..."Oh My God...I think I'm having Puppies!"


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CECYG_Having Puppies

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