Jim and Sally

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Jim and Sally are in a mental hospital and are going on a day trip to the swimming pol.So the got on the bus with their carer and went to the swimming pool.When there they got unchanged and then put the cozzis on and went for a swim.They dived of the diving bored and splashed in and swam for about 45 mins. After they had a good swim they got out and got changed.Then suddenly jim jumpped in and sank to the bottom.Then Sally rushed and went in as well, brought him out and gave him mouth 2 mouth resusitation.Then he woke and was fine.So they went bak to the hospital and the maneger of the hospital went to see sally.she said..

"Well sally what can i say you did very well in saving jims life and we r going to let u free.Unfortunitly, jim died a few minutes ago.he was found hanging from his bathrobe outside on the washing line but it wasn't your fault you can go!!!"

Then n sally said," oh no he cant be dead i hung him up a minite ago to dry!


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