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Andy & Angus were down on their luck and hanging out for a cold beer or three. After checking their pockets and finding only 50 cents, Andy came up with a brilliant strategy.

"I'll take the 50 cents and show you how we can drink all day for free!"

Quickly, he went into a butcher's shop and bought a single sausage, which he stuck in Angus' fly. They then went to a nearby hotel.

"Two beers", said Andy to the bartender. They downed them as fast as they could and the bartender waited for the money. All of a sudden, Andy got down on his knees and began sucking the sausage hanging out of Angus' fly.

Get out of my pub, you filthy bastards!", the bartender screamed and booted them out the door. They did this all day, visiting about 16 pubs, or more.

"I just can't do this anymore", Andy whined. "My knees are getting sore from kneeling down on the floor so much."

"It's all right for you", Angus replied. "I lost the sausage after the third pub."


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